Monday, September 22, 2014

World Square Guitar Percussion

Busking has morphed with the times hasn't it? Once it was defined as the experience you had right there, right then - with possibly a self-promotion element like a business card for gigs or, more recently, maybe a CD.
Now, of course, it's *potentially* as big as the web - and a degree of culpability lies with this very blog.
At the same time, there seems to me a shift in buskers' material. There has always been real talent on the streets, but I'm sensing a move away from the personal with more tailoring towards a broader audience. There's starting to be slicker product out there - what's next for busking?

Art & About Ukulele Smiths

About 20 years ago [!] I saw a busker working the main drag in Adelaide at about 10 pm. Had quite a crowd [really not a lot of competition, entertainmentwise]. Anyway, his very memorable USP was that he was doing Smiths numbers - in an upbeat style! It worked.
In all that time since, I've never seen anyone else cover The Smiths - until today. And what was extra cool about this - apart from being situated among the Art & About photos near St James station in Hyde Park - was that it was being performed with a ukulele. Again, it worked - genius.
I usually ask first before filming - but I was so overcome at hearing the Moz lyrics with uke accompaniment that I dived straight in.
Jonathan was very good about it & handed me his card - he is, indeed, available for weddings, parties, anything - & can be reached at