Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hyde Park Old Man Neil

Covering Neil Young - tricky territory because I'm guessing there's always the temptation to sound like ol' Neil when you sing. Mark's guitar was handy ("Hi Mark!"), but I think he could work on making the vocals more his own if he wants to loosen more passers-by purse-strings. (Just an opinion)
The busker who may rank as the best I've ever encountered to follow this principle was a chap doing a totally Smiths set - and his angle was to be completely cheerful in his interpretations. It just so worked - and he drew an eager crowd.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flautist wows 'em at Town Hall

"Do you mind if I film you?" "What 's it for?" "I'm doing a blog on buskers." "OK" ...and isn't he electric? [NB: the most commonly used spot I've seen so far in the CBD]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AGNSW Fiddle

Alright, this is cheating a bit really - I didn't actually film this guy live but I chanced upon the clip in a great new exhibition at AGNSW and it  just seemed too serendipitous to miss. it's also a bit longer than I'd usually do but it's worth the trip - wait 'til you hear what happens at 00:54 - chilling.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Glebe Markets Syncopators

Caught this upbeat combo coming out of Glebe Markets - great spot for 'em. Their sound is very Cheap Suit Serenaders with what looks like the 'leader' taking great pains to emulate R Crumb himself. I bought the CD. [you'll find more from them on youtube]

Friday, May 17, 2013

QVB Recorder

"Having a go", read his card. Some of our buskers are so talented/eccentric that busking seems a cosy and rewarding niche for them and us the audience. But this fellow, gamefully slogging tired old wheezers, makes me a little sad that he can't find a more productive and fulfilling way to contribute to society.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paddy's Electric Uke

He's clearly made a long-term commitment to the alternative life. And he seems certain of the hypnotic beauty of his deceptively simple amplified strumming. I agree. The moment I heard it I thought it would not be out of place on Peter Hollo's Utility Fog on FBi.

Woolies folkie

Location, location and a bit of a talent. Some guys are right in the niche where they belong. I don't imagine this guy finds a lot of ads on Seek that match his resume. But his shit is together on this gig and  he's wisely chosen one of the heaviest pedestrian hotspots in town between Woolies and the QVB. And as you can see in just these 60 seconds, he's doing a tidy turnover.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brilliant Beatbox

Situated on a popular performance spot... I don't know if I'd get this bloke's CD - but as street distraction, brilliant! And no instrument - talk about a portable income generator. That said, even though I liked him and contributed to his Conservatorium fees - he wasn't making a killing...

Banjo Maestro

This gentleman is a favourite of many years among all the Sydney buskers I've seen. Always shoeless, always a little distant - except for the flash of a smile when he recognises me. He has an air of detachment from what he's doing - yet what he's doing is with magic fingers.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spanish Uke

OK - we'll start with this guy (only 'cause I already had a web friendly size video that I put up on Facebook) - his name's Tom Ford or something (is that some designer?) - I'll get back to you
Anyway - I first saw him playing Spanish style guitar weeks earlier - thrashing this tatty box with acrylic talons & he was amazing - bought the CD
So, later I'm walking through Town Hall station - he's only bought this ukelele THAT DAY - and was "just fooling around with it" - bastard